Hubby’s Pancakes

This is one of about five of my husband’s ‘dishes’ that he proudly says he could cook for dinner when I put him on duty! And sometimes, we do have it on a Sunday as a treat when we can’t be bothered with anything else. But mostly we have it on Saturday mornings for breakfast; when you normally would!

These are absolutely baby/toddler friendly as they have no sugar in them and are soft enough to swallow or break down if there are no teeth yet. Having said that, I wouldn’t give these to my 6-month-old, as the texture of them could be a potential hazard if the pancake got stuck to the roof of their mouth or back of their throat. You’ll know when they’re ready for these.

There are a few tips and tricks here that the other half says are ‘must do’s.’ These are:

  • Use a smaller frying pan
  • Use a dot of butter (has to be butter) in between cooking each pancake, less than a teaspoon! And swirl it around the pan until melted, then pour your batter in
  • For each pancake, use enough batter to cover the base of the pan, then swirl the pan around so that the mixture spreads out and covers it – you don’t want these too thick
  • And remember; the first one is always the trial run!


  • 1 ¼ cups flour
  • 25gm melted butter
  • 1 egg
  • ¾ cup milk
  • ½ cup water


  • Add all ingredients to a nutri-bullet (or something similar) and whizz around for 20 – 30 seconds until all well blended
  • If you don’t have a nutri-bullet, sift the flour and add it to a bowl and make a well. Add the wet ingredients and whisk until you’ve got a smooth batter and there are no lumps
  • Melt a little butter in a frying pan and add however much batter you’ll need to thinly cover the base of it (as above, this depends on the size of your pan)
  • Serve with puréed apple and cinnamon, maple syrup or lemon and sugar

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