Leo’s Lazy Couscous

My friend Nicky is also a fellow first-time mum and we often swap recipes or discuss ideas on what to feed our little grubby boys. This is one of hers that’s been very popular in our house too, she’s kindly let me share it with you.

It’s very simple but the flavour combinations aren’t something you’d instantly think of – and sometimes you need something that’s easy to whip up when you lack inspiration or time or both!

If you have any left-over roasted or steamed vegetables, use them. I often have some mashed kumara in the fridge so I added that to my cous cous and coconut cream. I haven’t really put any ratios in here (apart from the cous cous) as it’s down to you and your tastes. I personally prefer more vegetables over cous cous but some prefer it the other way around. Just mix in some coconut cream and vegetables in to the cous cous and see how you go.

The coconut cream adds a nice sweetness to the dish, so you can use potatoes too – you don’t have to have the sweeter vegetable varieties. It can be quite rich on small tummies so you might want to just use a dash and see how it tastes. Otherwise, this is suitable for babies.



  • ½ cup uncooked cous cous
  • Coconut cream (or milk will do too)
  • Kumara or carrots or both



  • Cook cous cous according to packet instructions
  • Either steam or roast 1 or 2 peeled kumara and some carrots and then mash them up or puree once cooked
  • Mix in the vegetables with the cous cous and add in a little coconut cream. Keep adding the coconut cream until you’re satisfied with the taste. It’s quite full of flavour so rather start out small and slowly increase the quantity here.



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