Winter Chills

It’s definitely winter now in the Southern Hemisphere and that often means colds and sickness going around like wild-fire. Little man started day care a few months ago so we are well and truly feeling it.

Last winter was our first with a little baby and we don’t live in the latest state of the art house – in fact I’m talking like, probably no insulation in the walls. The consequence is that the cold isn’t a dry cold, it’s generally quite damp. So when I looked in to humidifiers or vaporisers for his room, I got quite confused by it all and ended up not getting one. Surely, I wouldn’t want to make my already damp house, even worse by putting up humid air with one of these vaporisers? I probably should have done more research. Anyway, we survived and only got a runny nose every now and then – we escaped pretty easily!

This winter is very different. Being at daycare will do that to you I guess! We have head cold after head cold, a horrible cough that lasted for what seemed like ages and a relentless runny nose that doesn’t seem to stop! So I did more research and more talking to my fellow mama friends. According to google, “the basic difference between humidifiers and vaporizers is that humidifiers disperse cool mist into the air, and vaporizers heat the water to disperse hot steam.” How is this supposed to help me make a decision?! However, I did read that cool mist vaporisers which don’t require a heat source, means that there’s no (or less) condensation. This was for me! Anything to help that cough at night, right? So we went ahead and bought this one. We also got the essential oil for nose and chest and I can honestly say that it seems to help his breathing. Perhaps a placebo effect but then again so many other people vouch for these things too.

I also double-whammy’d it with Vicks VapoRub. I’d grown up with it, remember sticking my head under a towel over a steaming bowl of Vicks when I had a head cold (the old-fashioned vaporiser/humidifier!) I’ve been putting a little bit on his chest and steaming up the bathroom when he’s in the bath with it too. But then I came across Rawleigh’s Medicated Ointment. Oh my goodness, you guys have to try this stuff.

Winter chills1

Vicks is actually a petroleum-based product with the active ingredients being camphor and menthol (both are a cough suppressant and topical analgesic) and eucalyptus oil (a cough suppressant). It also has cedarleaf and nutmeg oil, petrolatum, thymol and turpentine oil listed in it’s ingredients.

Rawleigh’s is similar, but it’s a lanolin-based product with its ingredients being camphor, eucalyptus oil, menthol, lanolin and paraffin and ceresin wax. This stuff can not only be used as a decongestant but is also great for when your grub has sore ears (trust me, this stuff works!) and is good for cuts, bruises and headaches too. So, it’s much more versatile than Vicks. I’m always rubbing this on the entrance of Grub’s nose during the day and at night to help him breathe and I find it definitely makes a difference.

I didn’t get paid for this nor was I asked to write about either products here. I’m simply sharing because these are what worked for us and Rawleigh’s is something I think should be in everyone’s first aid kit at home. For the full list of “how to’s” visit this website, where you can also purchase the product online.







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