An Adventurous Palate

I always knew I wanted to ensure my little grub had a range of flavours and textures when he was exploring the world of food in those early months. Especially seeing as I wanted him to be eating what we eat as soon as possible (less cooking for me in the long run!).

But navigating your way through the notion of “broadening his tastes” is quite difficult at times – is it okay to give my baby coconut? When? When can he have seafood? And when he does, how do I give it to him? For example, I read a chart that suggested oysters and shellfish are okay to give a baby at 8 months, but how on earth was I supposed to give him these things? I couldn’t just throw down an oyster and say, “go for your life mate.”

Salmon isn’t exactly bland and I love it, hot or cold-smoked or thrown on the bbq. Whichever way it’s cooked, salmon goes well with cream cheese (especially on pizza!) so I thought; why not? This turned out to be a huge breakfast winner. It’s by no means an original recipe but thought I would share this as an idea and to show that they can start to have some interesting flavours and more of what you’re eating, from a relatively early age. My grub had this at about 7.5 months old.

Simply spread about 1 tbsp of cream cheese on a piece of toast and layer a few slices of cold smoked salmon (or equivalent amount of hot smoked, no flavour) and either cut in to strips for finger food or bite-sized pieces to pop in to his mouth.


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