Enhancing the Flavours

Today’s post is short and sweet, but it’s a great little trick to have up your sleeve! When I first started pureeing and mashing vegetables, I always steamed them. It was something I’d been told to do, it keeps the nutrients of the vegetables in, more than boiling does, and it was relatively easy to do.

However, I found that if I roasted the likes of pumpkin, capsicum, butternut, kumara or potato, they would come out so much sweeter and full of flavour! Great for little bubs who are used to sweet formula or breastmilk.

Batch cooking saves you time

The trick is to not let them roast enough in the oven that they get crispy. My tried and true way of baking the vegetables is to put them on an oven tray with a dash of olive oil and about 100mls of water. Weird I know! But it ensures that the vegetables stay nice and soft. Then bake at around 200 degrees until a knife easily pierces through the vegetables. Normally this is about 30 minutes. Up to you whether you peel the vegetables or not.

Then you’re free to either puree or mash, depending on the consistency you’re after. I find that this makes a great base to add anything else too or to just serve as is, hence why we always have some of this in our fridge at home.


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