Making the most of your time


I’m a working mum of one little grub, this blog and website is a passion of mine. I’m also a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend. And somewhere in there I’m supposed to find time for myself and the gym….ha! Like you, there’s a lot going on in my life, but I didn’t want that to compromise what we eat, especially when it came to the little man.

It’s funny isn’t it? How we sacrifice so much of ourselves for these little people – how are you able to demand so much of me when you’re so small?! Don’t mind me, I’ll just eat my store-bought muesli bar for lunch while you have roasted kumara and butternut with lamb, rosemary and green beans…hmm….

I am a huge fan of cooking up a big batch of something and either having left-overs the next night or freezing it for next time. This has been a lifesaver for me and honestly? Doesn’t require hours in the kitchen every week; especially when they’re small.

Kmart was my friend when starting out, they have great silicone freezer trays with lids that are really well priced. I also bought a few silicone trays off Trademe and Sistema do ice cube trays with lids too. I’ve got a mix!

Save time by cooking and freezing in advance

Adding in a few extra veges to your weekly supermarket shop and you’re good to go. My little grub is asleep by 7pm so I’d either pick a night where I wasn’t cooking for us (left-overs to the rescue!) or I’d spend a few hours on the weekend in the kitchen. When they’re little that’s all you need to whip up a few vege combos and bang them in the freezer. As we’ve gotten older, we’re freezing things like spaghetti and home-made burger patties, but to start with it was more of the puree or lumpy variety.

My tip? When your food is frozen, empty the trays in to labelled and dated snap-lock bags – that way the food takes up much less room in your freezer and you have your trays back to use for the next batch!

If you missed it, here’s the link to some of our favourite veggie combos that are all freezer-friendly.


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