Vegetable Combo Recipes

Next month I’ll share a tip on enhancing the flavours of your vegetables, but for now, I’ll leave you to play in the kitchen however you want too. Either steaming or boiling, peeling or mashing, here are a few vegetable combos that were a hit in our house.

Corn is not something I first thought to include, but I read the ingredients of one of those store bought packets and they had included it, so I tried it too. It’s delicious! Naturally quite sweet and with a strong flavour, it adds that little bit extra to your pumpkin puree. The trick is not to use too much because it can over power the whole dish. Also, it can be a choking hazard so be careful with these little kernels – I always pureed mine in the beginning. If you’re interested, or missed it, here’s a link to more on how I introduced vegetables to the little one.

These combos are suitable from around 6 months and are perfect for cooking up in a big batch and freezing. Either puree or mash, depending on the stage your baby is at.

  • Pumpkin (butternut or crown), carrot and orange kumara
  • Kumara and corn (this is full of flavour, but naturally sweet, so don’t use a whole cob or can)
  • Pumpkin, courgette, carrot and kumara (no need to peel the courgette)
  • Potato, kumara, spinach and corn
  • Kumara, carrot and broccoli (broccoli and cauliflower are okay to introduce at 7-8 months)
  • Kumara, chickpea and spinach (recipe is here)

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